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    13 April 2016

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The 15th Rome Film Fest is organized by the Fondazione Cinema per Roma and will be held at the Auditorium Parco della Musica and in other venues in Rome from October 15th to 25th, 2020. Rome Film Fest is officially accredited by FIAPF (Fédération Internationale des Associations de Producteurs de Films) as a non-competitive International Film Festival.


The Fondazione Cinema per Roma was founded in 2007, with the aim of promoting, propagating and exploring the understanding of every form of expression relevant to cinema (film, television series, animation, documentaries, public encounters) throughout the year. The Fondazione Cinema per Roma also strives to contribute to the formation of a new audience, presenting films that might otherwise have been penalized by distribution, in addition to previews of films scheduled to be released in movie theatres.

3. RFF 2020

In the Official Selection, the Rome Film Fest will present an exclusive selection of no more than 40 films (competing for the BNL People’s Choice Award), with the aim of offering quality and excellence in every form of film expression: independent films, genre productions, the work of renowned auteurs, of emerging filmmaking talents, research and experimentation, cinema with a clear vocation for entertainment, animated films, visual art and documentaries, as well as major productions. In addition to the films in the Official Selection, there will be preview screenings of films not included in the Official Selection, special events, public encounters, master classes, retrospectives, re-editions of classic films, exhibitions. Only the films in the Official Selection can compete for the BNL People’s Choice Award.

4. MIA|International Audiovisual Market

The Fondazione is also partner of the “MIA|Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo”, produced by ANICA and APT and with the support of the Ministry for Economic Development, ICE-Agenzia, and the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. MIA|Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo will be held in Rome from October 14th to 18th 2020. Participation in the MIA|Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo is subject to separate regulations.


5.1 Alice nella città

Alice nella città is an independently-organized Festival sidebar screening a maximum of 14 youth-oriented films and is subject to its own regulations.


6.1 Conditions for admission to the selection Only feature-length films that have never been shown in the EU countries or have been shown only to audiences in the country of origin will be eligible for submission to the Official Selection. They must never (even in part) have been shown on television or Internet or through any other channel or form of diffusion. Priority will be given to world premieres. All submitted films must be recent productions completed not prior to December 1st 2019. They must not have been presented in any other format or length, not even as work in progress, for submission to previous editions of the Fest or to any other European festival, nor may they be available on the Internet. Short films or medium-length films (lasting less than 52 minutes) are not eligible for submission. Only in particular cases, at the discretion of the Artistic Director, may exceptions be made to the above-mentioned conditions for admission.

6.2 Screening formats and subtitling of films for pre-selection To participate in the pre-selection of films: • The film files (min. MPEG 2 – 720x576 4Mbp/s) may be uploaded on the Starbase platform, on or before Wednesday, August 5th 2020. Should you choose to use a different streaming platform you are kindly asked to follow the instructions in this regard on the pre-selection entry form online (the film must be available for viewing maintaining the same password through September 21st); Alternatively: • You may send a DVD, Blu-ray Disc or DCP of the film to the Rome Film Fest headquarters on or before Wednesday, August 5th 2020. The method you use to send the film must be specified, selecting the option you have chosen on the pre-selection entry form. For the pre-selection process, the films must be without subtitles if the original version is in Italian or in English; with subtitles in English or Italian if the original version of the film is in any language other than English or Italian.

6.3 Selection procedures The Director of the Fest will be assisted in the selection of the works by a Selection Committee composed of consultants and experts in international cinema.

7.1 Legal representative for the film
The person who registers the film takes responsibility for being the legal representative authorized by everyone who holds rights to the film. The declaration by the person who signed the registration form therefore exempts the Fondazione from the need to verify whether this person is legally entitled to register the film considering this fact to be ascertained, and releasing the Fondazione from every responsibility in the matter.
7.2 Final deadline for registration of films
Only films uploaded, with a link or posted to the Rome Film Fest headquarters and postmarked on or before Wednesday August 5th 2020 will be considered for selection.
7.3 Registration fees
Each film registered in the pre-selection process of the Fest must pay a registration fee to cover administrative costs, which must be paid before the film is shipped. Should the registered film not be shipped to the address of the Fest, this fee will not be reimbursed. In no case, even if the Fest does not take place (i.e. due to Covid-19), this sum can be returned The registration fee is in the amount of: • 60 euros: for films registered by uploading the video file using the Starbase platform, or for those who choose to specify a link to an independent platform on the preselection form; • 80 euros: for films registered by shipping a DCP, DVD or Blu-Ray Disc. The registration fee must be paid online by credit card, at the end of the registration process for the film. Any other form of payment must be arranged by special request, to be sent to the following email address: The costs of pre-selection screenings organized far from the main venue (Rome), as well as the shipment costs for the film copies, must be borne by the participants. Any exceptions to these conditions for submission must be agreed upon by the Direction of the Rome Film Fest.
7.4 Materials to be sent for the pre-selection process
In order to be considered for selection, the film’s submitter must, no later than August 5th 2020:
a) Fill out and sign the pre-selection entry form online exclusively on the Fest website at;
b) Send a copy of the film in one of the formats listed in point 6.2;
c) Send a digital information kit including the synopsis in Italian or in English, the director’s biography/filmography, cast, crew, and a press kit if possible.
The Festival is under no obligation to return works submitted for the pre-selection process in any format. All materials (work in progress) and films will become part of the Fest archives, for documentation and research purposes only, and will not be used for commercial purposes, to protect the interests of filmmakers and producers.

8.1 BNL People’s Choice Award
At the end of each screening, the audience will be given the opportunity to vote for a film in the Official Selection that is competing to win the BNL People’s Choice Award. The BNL People’s Choice Award will be conferred to the film that receives the largest number of preferences from the audience. The award will also attribute a cash prize of 10,000 euro to the Italian distributor of the film. If within 6 months of the official screening at the Fest the film has not been purchased by an Italian distributor, the prize money will be awarded to its international seller.
8.2 Award for Lifetime Achievement and other awards
The Artistic Director may make recommendations to the President and the Board of Directors to confer the Acting Award, the Lifetime Achievement Awards and any other prizes. 8.3 Notice of the award The producers and distributors of the films presented at the Fest pledge to display, upon the release of the winning film in theatres, a notice announcing the prize awarded, and bearing the logos of the Rome Film Fest and its partners.

9.1 Entry form
Films invited to participate in the Fest will receive an entry form that must be duly completed and returned within five days of receiving the invitation. Receipt of the entry form by the Cinema Office implies the legal acceptance of the invitation by all concerned, and will be considered definitive and irrevocable.
9.2 Programme
The invitation of a film must remain absolutely confidential until the line-up has been officially announced by the Direction of the Rome Film Fest. Failure to comply will result in exclusion from the selection. Programming and scheduling of the screenings are at the sole discretion of the Artistic Director. Acceptance of the invitation by the persons submitting the film entails the commitment to allow at least 5 public screenings of the film free of charge; to accept the hospitality policy and to not withdraw the film once the invitation has been accepted. An additional screening may be requested for streaming on the web theatre, subject to the specific authorization of right holders. The instructions and procedures for access to the streaming platform will be posted separately on the website and specified in the authorization request with detailed technical specifications. In cases of force majeure (i.e. Covid-19) the Artistic Direction reserves the right to present options to deliver the program, either trough streaming technologies (online platform) compliant with the most advanced security standards (access token, encryption, proxy detection with the possibility of adding a dedicated watermark for the Festival), or in any other forms and screening methods.
9.3 Waiver Agreement
The Rome Film Fest is open to the public. The Rome Film Fest is also attended by accredited professionals, accredited visitors to the MIA | Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo and accredited journalists from the Italian and international press. All participants and/or guests of the Fest acknowledge that accredited television channels and other media partners will cover the Rome Film Fest for television and radio. By agreeing to take part in the Fest, all participants relinquish, free of charge, their broadcasting rights to any filmed footage and recorded audio, allowing the media partners to make such use of the above materials as they see fit.
9.4 Film
copies The owners of the invited films must send the following materials at their own expense no later than Friday, October 2nd, 2020: - 2 DCPs in the original version (one for the screening and one back-up copy) with English subtitles (Italian subtitles for English-language films). Films whose original version is neither in Italian nor in English may include in the DCP separate Italian or English subtitle tracks. Submitters must supply the necessary materials to the electronic subtitling (for example: Video reference, original dialogue list, list of time coded subtitles), according to the indications that will be provided by the Cinema office. All subtitling costs are at the expense of the submitters of the film. Furthermore, exclusively for the Rome Film Fest’s internal use, the owners of the invited films are requested to: - upload an MP4 file (Codec H.264 – 720p – audio format AAC-LC, Stereo) with English subtitles to our online platform; - OR 1 DVD or 1 Blu-ray Disc in the original version with English subtitles; - send the list of subtitles with time codes. Copies of films sent in the Digital Cinema Package format (DCP) must strictly comply with DCI directives and be recorded on hard-disks (with SATA interface for ingest –CRU) in NTFS –EXT2 - EXT3 formats only. If the DCP is protected by KDM, the opening of the same is requested from the date of shipment of the copy to October 25th, for all servers that will be specified by the Rome Film Fest technicians. With the exception of DCP submissions, the Fondazione Cinema per Roma reserves the right to decide, on the basis of its own organizational requirements, to transfer any other exceptionally-admitted materials to hard-drive using “normal ingest” procedures. The Direction reserves the right to refuse copies that, after testing them for quality control (TQC – Technical Quality Check), the Film Fest technicians deem to be of unsatisfactory quality for a public screening. In order to ensure the quality check for all the films it is necessary to receive the copies and the relative opening of the KDM for the encripted DCPs, strictly by October 2nd 2020. The submitters of invited films must arrange for the return of the copies with the Cinema Office, so that they may be shipped, at the expense of the submitters, on or before Friday November 6th, 2020. Beyond that date redelivery is not guaranteed.
9.5 Specifications for Digital Cinema
Specifications concerning the digital cinema systems used by the Film Fest will be available on our website.
9.6 Catalogue
All materials required for the publication of the official catalogue of the Film Fest (synopsis, cast and crew credits, biography and complete filmography of the director, photographs of director and actors and stills from the film in b/w and colour, as well as a brief director’s statement on the film) must be received at the Fest headquarters as soon as possible, and in any case no later than Friday September 11th 2020. They must be clearly labelled “Materials for catalogue”.
9.7 Press material
The owners of the invited film must send to the Rome Film Fest press office (, on or before Friday September 11th 2020, all the material necessary to promote the film (digital pressbook, links from which to download the trailer and film clips, contacts for the international and Italian press agent or a liaison to communicate to the press, any further printed material, etc.) following the instructions that will be attached to the film’s invitation. All publicity and promotional material must mandatorily include the words “Film selected for the 15th Rome Film Fest”. All shipping costs for these materials (including any customs charges) must be borne by the sender. The costs for returning any materials will be at the expense of the sender. If no specific request for the return of the materials is sent to the address, all materials will be disposed of as of Friday November 6th, 2020.
9.8 Official Logo
After the Festival has officially announced its line-up, film submitters shall explicitly guarantee that all forms of promotional activity mention the participation in the 15th Edition of the Rome Film Fest, with the official logo designed and supplied by the Fondazione Cinema per Roma. The producers and distributors of the films presented at the Rome Film Fest pledge to include the official logo of the Fest on the promotional materials to support the release of the film in theatres (posters, trailers, materials for the social media and the web) and, when the film is released in theatres, a notice announcing the participation of the film at the Rome Film Fest, and if the film won an award, stating which award was won, using the official graphics designed and provided by the Fondazione Cinema per Roma. The complete and definitive graphic design of the above-mentioned materials must be submitted for verification and approval to the Fest Communication Office at: and (in cc

10.1 Shipping costs
Shipping costs for the films (delivery to the Fest headquarters and return to place of origin), including all customs duties and taxes for films from outside the E.U. of the films submitted for preselection and those invited to the Rome Film Fest, must be borne by the submitters.
10.2 Addresses
10.2.1 Film pre-selection phase
Copies of films and all materials requested for selection must be sent by courier or by post directly to the Fest at its official headquarters:

Festa del Cinema di Roma
Ufficio Cinema
Fondazione Cinema per Roma
Piazzale Cardinal Consalvi, 9
00196 Roma

10.2.2 Invited films
The copies of the selected films, to be shipped by courier, must be sent by the submitters of the film directly to:

Festa del Cinema di Roma
Ufficio Cinema – Movimento Copie
p/o Auditorium Parco della Musica
Viale Pietro De Coubertin 30
00196 Roma – I
Tel. +39 06 40401900

Exceptionally, 35mm prints coming from countries that are not part of the European Union and are subject to the temporary import regime, may make use of the temporary import regime expressly granted to the Rome Film Fest, by contacting the Fest’s official shipping agent.
10.3 Shipping of promotional material
All costs related to the transport of publicity, promotional and photographic material for the films, from the place of origin to the offices of the Fondazione Cinema per Roma - including all customs charges for materials sent from outside the European Union - must be borne by the film submitters. At the end of the Fest, for the return of unused promotional material, all requests must be addressed to the Rome Film Fest Press Office (, no later than Friday November 6th, 2020.
10.4 Shipping Insurance
All insurance costs covering the transport of films and press material to and from the Fest will be borne by the submitters.
10.5 Insurance at the Fest
The Fondazione Cinema per Roma provides “fully-comprehensive risk” insurance for the entire period of the Fest. The insurance value of a film may not exceed the average laboratory costs for a standard copy.
10.6 Anti-piracy
Furthermore, for the entire duration of the Fest, the Fondazione Cinema per Roma shall adopt all anti-piracy measures in effect at the major international film festivals to protect authors’ rights for the works entrusted to the Fest.


Participation in the Fest automatically entails observance of the present regulations. Producers, distributors or other parties who submit films must guarantee that they are legally authorized to register the film in the Rome Film Fest. The Director of the Fest reserves the right to settle any cases not covered by the present regulations. He can make exceptions to the Regulations in special, well-motivated cases. Should any dispute arise regarding the interpretation of any article of these regulations, the original Italian version is binding.